Glycine Airman


Glycine is a Swiss luxury watch brand that has a long and fascinating history, dating back to 1914. The brand was founded by Eugene Meylan, an engineer and watchmaker who had a passion for aviation and the precision instruments required to navigate in the air.

During World War I, Meylan developed a series of high-precision chronometers for military use, which were used by both the Swiss and the Allied forces. These instruments were vital for accurate navigation and timing during aerial combat, and Glycine quickly became known for its expertise in this area.

In the years following the war, Glycine continued to innovate and develop new watches, including the first automatic wristwatch with a 24-hour display, which was launched in 1953. The brand also created a series of watches specifically for pilots, including the Airman, which was introduced in 1953 and quickly became an iconic timepiece for aviators around the world.

The Glycine Airman was designed to meet the needs of pilots who traveled across multiple time zones, allowing them to easily keep track of the time in different parts of the world. The watch featured a 24-hour dial and a rotating bezel with a second time zone display, as well as a unique locking mechanism to prevent accidental adjustment of the bezel.

Brand: Glycine
Model: Airman
Movement: 1700/01
Case: 36mm stainless steel
Strap: Canvas strap
Box & papers: No

-This Glycine watch comes as watch only.
-The matte black dial is in very good condition.
-The crystal has been replaced at some point.
-Hands and markers are in good condition, all have matching patina.

-Case is unpolished and overall a really nice example.​​
-Recently serviced and is running to spec.

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