Premium leather watch straps for the finest pieces

High-quality timepieces deserve the best standards when it comes to premium watch straps to accommodate them. We dedicate ourselves to this cause, with some of the most unique, comfortable and striking options available.

Adorn your wrist with premium leather watch bands

Our artisans handcraft and hand-stitch all of our designs, made from the finest materials including:

Calf leather

Forget what you know about regular cow leather, calf leather is known for being extremely soft with a fine grain that moulds itself to your wrist. There is no sacrifice in durability either as this material is known to last longer than most other products.

Ostrich leather

If this kind of material isn’t treated correctly or is exposed to conditions that aren’t ideal, it can go stiff, crack and look unsightly. Fortunately, ostrich leather can withstand these circumstances, due to its natural oils. It’s able to resist these effects and look brand-new, all the while feeling soft and supple for much longer.

Crocodile leather

The skin of this natural predator is well known for its use in the production of handbags, but it is also used across a wide range of luxury items ranging from shoes to furniture because of its extreme quality finish and natural tan. This is visually one of the best versions of this material; it is also the perfect companion for your high-quality watch.

Python leather

This has become one of the most sought after options in the world, due to its exclusivity and uniqueness. Snakes are built for survival in rugged terrains and spend their lives with their skin constantly making contact with the ground, which makes their leather extremely durable. They also boast unique designs and patterns and feature a very distinctive aroma.

Shop for your choice of premium leather watch bands made from these exotic materials – only at keepiece.

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